Chief on the Beat is a series of health and safety fairs designed to generate relationships with neighborhoods and establish neighborhood leadership in order to combat existing crime and prevent future acts. The project is called “Chief on the Beat” because the Chief will be at the first seven events (“leading from the front”) and his command staff will also be hosting the other events in later months. This initiative will use a holistic approach to fighting and preventing crime - integrating various city departments, health service providers and faith based organizations to address crime issues as they relate to the overall quality of life of the citizens of Dallas. While health and safety fairs are not a new concept, Chief Brown is taking a lead role in the Chief on the Beat events and expects measurable results to follow in the affected communities.

The primary focus is to deal with the crime, but before leaving the area, to also establish neighborhood leadership. “It’s hard to build relationships in a crisis (during a police call). [We would rather have the rapport] and then when a crisis arises, we already have the relationships,” said Chief Brown.

These events will also be broadcast on both social and traditional media via Dallas Police Department’s Twitter account and through live urban radio broadcasts. Chief Brown also plans on reaching out to the small businesses in the affected neighborhoods to garner their ideas.
The first official event will be held at the Eastgate Baptist Church located at 6960 S. Polk Street on January 7, 2012 from 10:00a.m. until 2:00 p.m. “We look forward to coming to a neighborhood near you,” said Chief Brown.

It all begins with knowing your neighbors. (207557y, 207633y)