Dallas Police Department Crime Reports

  • UCR (Uniform Crime Report)
  • Annual Crime Summary (UCR)
  • City Council Weekly Crime Briefing (Weekly)
    A weekly council district report, that is updated weekly, which are comprised of year-to-date and monthly comparisons of part one crimes occurring within the specified date span citywide, and broken down for the fourteen Council Districts.
  • Community Prosecutors Area Report (Monthly)
    A monthly report in the same format as Administrative Staff Briefing, but broken down by Community Prosecutors Areas.
  • CompStat Report by Watch (Weekly)
    A weekly report, with 14 day, 28 day, and year-to-date comparisons.  Numbers are based on the date of offense occurrence. These part 1 offenses are broken down by Police Divisions and by Watch 1, 2, and 3 (Midnight, Days, and Evening shift).
  • CompStat Report by Sector (Weekly)
    A weekly report in the same format as the CompStat briefing by watch that also includes Police Sectors.
  • TAAG Summary Report (Weekly)
    A weekly crime summary of TAAG areas and overall totals.
  • TAAG Breakdown Report (Weekly)
    A weekly crime numbers by individual TAAG areas.
  • 28 Beat Report (Weekly)
    A weekly report with 28 day comparisons by Police Beats and Watches.  Numbers based on date of occurrence.
  • 28 Day Sector Report (Weekly)
    A weekly report with 28 day comparison by Police Sectors , the numbers are based on date of occurrence.
  • Interactive Crime Map
    Crime information geographically displayed on the map
  • Address search
    Search an address to get a Police Beat or Reporting Area

Reports are in PDF Format

Part 1 offenses included: Violent = Murder, Aggravated Assault, Rape, Individual Robbery, Business Robbery and Non-violent = Residential Burglary, Business Burglary, Other Theft, Theft/Shoplift, Theft/BMV(Burglary Motor Vehicle), and UUMV (Unauthorized Use Motor Vehicle)